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Support in Awakening


It’s hard to discipline myself to sit every day. What helps in developing a regular practice?

Reflect in a gentle, heartfelt way on what matters to you. Discovering your deep aspirations and intentions can inspire you to sit regularly. Make a commitment to sit every day even if it’s for just a few breaths. It’s also helpful to journal what you’re feeling about meditation practice, and will help you see what is happening that interrupts your intention to sit. A journal also helps you to track your relationship with sitting practice. You could share your sitting log with a teacher or a practice buddy.

Is it helpful to practice meditation with other people?

Yes, absolutely! Joining (or creating) a group to meditate with other people on a regular basis is a tremendous support for your meditation practice. It can create a sense of belonging and having company on the path of awakening, and the shared wisdom of a group can be of great benefit.

What are some other things I can do to support my meditation practice?

  • Reflect regularly on your aspiration to live with a calm and loving heart, to embody awakening and freedom—your own and that of all beings.

  • Remember compassion. Like yourself, everyone wants to be happy and nobody wants to suffer. Meditation can help.

  • Use inspiring resources such as books, audios, or web-accessed dharma talks.

  • Sign up for a retreat—one day, a weekend, or longer. The experience will deepen your practice and nourish spiritual awakening.

  • If you miss practice for a day, a week, or a month, simply begin again.

  • Find a “practice buddy” to share meditation experiences and offer support to keep practicing.

  • If you need guidance, ask for help from an experienced meditator or teacher.

  • Don’t judge your practice—rather, accept what unfolds and trust your capacity to awaken and be free!

  • Live with a reverence for life—committed to non-harming and seeing, honoring, and serving the sacred in all beings.

You are on a great adventure that, like all great adventures, will have trials and tribulations. Remember that you are not alone—many people have come before you on this path of love and wisdom and are walking beside you now. May your practice be guided by your deepest aspirations.

Stay together, friends Don’t scatter and sleep

Our friendship is made of being awake. ~ Rumi

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